Expert Advice

It all started in 2003 at a Queens, New York elementary school. We (David Clarke and Paul Hoo-Fong) met in 3rd grade and became best friends over the mutual love of two things: Drawing and Comics. Our love for comics grew over the years, eventually adding Anime/Manga to the mix. For as long as we can remember our dream has always been the same: to create a comic series that incorporates our love for American comics/cartoons and Japanese manga/anime all while adding black culture and characters that the world will love. A comic series that would someday get recognition equal to that of Marvel/DC and anime giants like Naruto, Dragonball and One Piece. But starting a comic series isn’t an easy task. That’s when we came up with the idea of a clothing brand. 

Comic Boys clothing is a brand we created to gain an audience that we could introduce to our comic series later on but at the same time still represents and symbolizes what we love.. comics. But our vision doesn’t stop there. Comic Boys clothing is only just a subdivision of Comic Boys the brand. 

 Be sure to look out for our other subdivisions that are soon to come! These include Comic Boys Gaming, The Comic Boys Show (podcast) and of course, the dream that started it all, Comic Boys Comics. We got a lot of work ahead but we’re ready to get to it. 

 Just Watch Us.